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Are you interested in becoming involved in research?


Do you have a research question that you have never had the time to do anything with?


Have you ever wondered if there was any evidence for..........?



Research in the community in all areas and in the area of medical education is a growing field. If you would like to know more about how to become involved in research, or if you have a research idea that you would like help developing, or if you just have a question that might lead to a research topic, then feel free to contact us at the e mail address below.


Most medical schools have students looking for small research projects and many of these can be done in the community so all suggestions are very welcome. We also have the potential for Masters students and research fellows to do longer projects, and many ideas can also be worked up into grant applications.


If you have an idea, or suggestion, or would just like to know more then please contact us at   

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